The Fastest Draw in the West.

Your name is Kai Holden. 19-years young, adept at poker, a good man at heart, or so they say. A brother to two sisters who are busy with their own lives’ adventures. Never mind about that.

Your childhood was rather ordinary. A curious boy, rather shy to make friends, not really sure what to make of your surroundings, going back and forth between school and home, all in West Virginia. Dad always told you “it’s a kid’s job.” You didn’t quite agree, but rolled with it anyway. After school you were sat down for a “homework-time”, but everything else was always more interesting. As it turned out, you often bailed out and your mom wasn’t happy. The usual things, you know. And amazingly, save for a few select scoldings from your dad, you were never penalized.

As you grew into the young man you are, you often hung out with your best friend by the name of Bruce. A great guy. You shared a curiosity towards new things and tried your limits, doing all the exciting things young boys shouldn’t do. There was always a little danger involved, but you looked out for each other. In fact, Bruce was the one who introduced you into what is now your forte: Poker. Not something your mom was proud of once she found out, but you never could resist the thrill of tactics and unpredictable numbers. More often than not, it was your cards that cleared your opponents’ pockets of what little they had, until all contestants had left the round table. Sweet, if not a bit conceited.